Sunday, December 4, 2011

7 things

I go on a lot about twitter, but it's really expanded my life in a way I couldn't have imagined three years ago. For example, I met Stuart Dunstan through twitter. Stuart is an animator and homeschooling dad. I know him as a friendly and intelligent person, yet have no idea what he looks like—I tend to think of him as the green cyclops avatar on his blog and twitter account

Stuart's tapped me in a blog game to write 7 things about myself and pass the game to some other homeschooling bloggers. I see now that it has taken me nearly 6 weeks to think of those 7 simple things, so without further ado...

1. My favorite dessert is not chocolate. I would much rather have something like this:
Picture taken by me in September, 2006.Image via Wikipedia
2. And this is my favorite breakfast:
Roti Prata - Geylang, SingaporeImage by Backpack Foodie via Flickr
extra points if you can identify it (hint: savory, not sweet)
3. Despite not being religious now, I grew up in a churchgoing family. My father was a lay minister in the Methodist church he was raised in, and we often came home from church and read more scripture aloud in the afternoon.
John Wesley (1703-1791), founder of Methodism
John Wesley (Image via Wikipedia)
4. I like to say that I am related to John Lennon, as Carrie Fisher puts it, "by scandal." According to family stories, one of my great-grandfather's girlfriend's grandchildren was May Pang, the woman who lived with Lennon during his "lost weekend" year. Whether she is a blood relation is not clear to me.
The cover of Loving John.
Image via Wikipedia
5. I have a huge pet peeve about parking and traffic tickets. It's something that can send me on an instant rant.
Angry Penguin
Image via Wikipedia
6. However, I don't mind spiders and spiderwebs so you may find them in the corners of our house.
7. I have been known to enlist the services of psychics, seers and communicators from time to time and find them helpful.

Now, I'll pass this on to:

Elizabeth at Sattvic Family

Jen at Home With Heart

Karen at One More Tyme

Lisa at Lisa Nalbone

Sam at Ninth Street East


  1. Hey thanks for posting! :)
    Twitter is ace for meeting people, I love it.

    Old greeneye got a monocle lately, I don't know if it'll make him more appealing.
    I look like this:
    Boys look like this: <- Much more handsome.

    Your 7 things...

    Ohhh number 1 looks so goood...
    No.2 is pancake?

    I recognize John Wesley, he's from around our way. He comes up quite a bit online for me. He used to preach in fields I believe.

    4: All You Need is Love, John. Other John that is. <3

    5: Angry penguin is angry!

    I like cobwebs too, but I'm a bit afraid that spiders will grow huge and eat me. We had a jumper on our plants this year, I was holding my glasses near him, he tensed, then jumped across to them.

    I tried to stare/psychometrize number 7...
    ...and, well, there *looks* like a person in the upper right lit part, but all the top left lit part reminds me of is a stormtrooper
    from Star Wars. I used to be quite into visualizing type things with tarot and runes, might give it another go with the boys at some point.

    Thanks for posting these Suzie.

    I'm gonna follow your taps on twitter, and check out their blogs. Looking forward to see if Elizabeth makes a post :)

  2. Thanks for the links, Stuart--you are so...young! You look like one of my son's friends! And your boys are adorable, and also much younger than I'd expected based on their projects & drawings.

    Pancake is close.

    And I'll keep you guessing about the photo. It's really not very exciting.

    Thanks again for tagging me--I hope the others post, as well.

  3. Friendly, Intelligent and young lookin?

    Suzie you totally win the internets! ;)

    **Surfs off, with a big smile now**


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