Monday, October 6, 2014

recent and future knitting projects

Clearly I've lost the habit of blogging. The boys are growing quickly, and I feel keenly aware of the passing of time. These days when there's a choice between doing things and the recording of doing things, I tend to opt for the former. I don't even have the patience to document the processes; S now uses my digital camera, while I take spotty pictures with a phone.

Yet I appreciate having this log of life and projects over the past five years. Without it, for instance, I wouldn't have remembered that it was a full three years ago (!) that I bought the yarn which finally became a pair of socks.
Making Waves sock pattern by Pam Gordnier
When I had finished this project, S asked me to make him a necktie. He wanted it in navy, and he wanted it in seed stitch. This pattern worked perfectly.

My favorite part, however, was adding the keeper loop in the back. S chose his Maker Faire exhibitor wristband out of the ribbon box, thus reinforcing all my tendencies to hoard bits of material that "could be used for something."

Next up is another request from S: a cardigan with cables and a shawl collar. He's given the nod to this pattern. Let's hope it's not another three years before it's finished.
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