Thursday, August 4, 2011

peach pops

I made these weeks ago and carefully noted measurements just for Sam...but alas, illness has wiped all memory away. Thank goodness for photographs, from which much can be deduced.

Place 4 loosely-packed cups of sliced peaches (these were frozen, but could as easily be fresh) in a blender.
Use the blender to finely chop the peaches.
And add 1-2 cups of yogurt and 1-2 teaspoons cinnamon (notice the hedge with measurements here—all I remember is that I deliberately made it a round number so it would be easy, but really, quantities can be flexible and to your taste). Blend once more.
Finely chop another peach (this one was fresh) for texture.
And stir into the mixture.
Pour into molds.
And eat!
These pops are slightly tangy, due to the yogurt, and we found them very refreshing as an afternoon pick-me-up. If you prefer something milder, however, you can always substitute milk or cream for the yogurt and take out the cinnamon. You'll end up with something like peaches 'n cream on a stick—also yummy.


  1. "Jen" also appreciates the measurements : ) We will be making these for sure! Where'd you get the perfect popsicle maker? I imagine the popsicles taste better with it!

  2. If you appreciate one comment, two is better, right? ; ) I am also loving that you found the perfect room in which to photograph the popsicle - very nice!!

  3. Oh goodie, I'll try these for sure! They look wonderful. And, thank you for the linky love :)

  4. I'll try to be more precise for both of you from now on. :)

  5. Meant to add, Jen, that molds were from Co-op, I think. (They may have been from Nugget, though.)

  6. Oh my Suzie!!! THESE LOOK AMAZING!!!!!!


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