Wednesday, August 3, 2011

where we've been (ashland, for one)

This blog has been idle for most of the summer and while there are all sorts of reasons for this, the main one has been pneumonia. It has sapped me of energy, both physical and mental; and though I'm definitely recovering, it's been hard to get back on track. The summer plans I had for cleaning out the garage, tidying up the yard, and putting up a bike shed are postponed for now; it's enough to get through the ordinary day of feeding and watering, cleaning, laundry and errands. And don't get me wrong—I'm grateful to be able to do that much.

Another thing I was glad to be able to do was take the kids back to Ashland for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. I considered not going, but C offered to help drive if necessary, and I knew I had the option of sending the boys to a play by themselves if I needed to rest.

And everything turned out just fine. We rested plenty, but also walked down each evening to the Elizabethan Stage for 3 different plays. Here is the set for Loves Labour's Lost, as stitched together on my aging iPhone:
There is nothing like sitting outdoors with 1000 other people on a balmy Ashland evening, all cheering together as the flag signaling the start of the play is raised, and then becoming so immersed in the show that there's no memory of when the sun sets and the stars rise overhead.

It was only our second year in Ashland, but we already found ourselves returning to some favorite places. There was Lithia Park, which starts just behind the Festival square and has miles of wooded hiking trail.
Bloomsbury Books, an independent bookseller on Main Street, with a thoughtful selection of titles that we can't pass by.
And our favorite eatery, Dragonfly, which calls itself Latin-Asian fusion food. C made a special request for lunch in the garden here on our last day.
Oops, I have no idea how this picture got in here! Dagoba...? Is that some sort of Star Wars place?
Okay, okay, yes, we went here! Twice, if you must know. (And if you go in summer, remember to take a cooler to pack everything in for the drive home. Not that we filled a cooler, of course—just offering a friendly tip, ahem.)

Where have you been this summer? Does your family have a favorite destination with places you look forward to returning to, or do you aim for ever-new experiences?


  1. Love this post : ) especially image of not realizing it's gotten dark around you... oh, and the chocolate

  2. What a wonderful place!

    We have been to Whiteshell Provincial Park in Manitoba for the first time. Total awe inspiring beauty and we will definitely return, even though it's 13 hours from here!

    And we also will return to one of our favourite places, Waskesiu, Saskatchewan, in the heart of the boreal forest.

  3. I remember you writing about Waskesiu! Whiteshell must have been part of your long road trip to see family?

    Thanks again, Jen! :)


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