Saturday, March 17, 2012

amy butler weekender, part 4

Evening Three. The good news is that you will essentially have done all the steps that are involved in making the lining. It uses the same pattern and procedure as the outer shell.

But you may want to add interior pockets to the main panels, so do that before sewing all the panels together. My laptop pocket was made like the main exterior pockets, but sized to the height of the laptop for additional security.
My zippered pocket, as mentioned in part 1, was made using this tutorial.
I slightly regret using a zipper I had on hand instead of buying one that matched
I had forgotten to pick up template plastic for the false bottom, so substituted a piece of lawn sign.
This worked so well that I am now always looking for discarded lawn signs as lightweight, water resistant reinforcement.

I really enjoyed making the Weekender. It was laid out so thoroughly that a novice seamstress could get through the directions, simply following it step-by-step.

My final notes:
  • plan your fabric. As mentioned in an earlier post, I had visions of doing my bag in a sunny, bright floral. Unfortunately, I didn't get to the fabric store until late fall, by which time florals were depleted. I ended up choosing paisley that day: black paisley for the outside and a pale green paisley for the lining. I even recovered the rocking chair in paisley. I'm not really sure how that happened.
  • on a similar note, the heavy decorator fabrics recommended for this project, while normally expensive, do go on sale from time to time. It was such a sale that prompted me to finally begin the bag.
  • consider your additions, particularly your interior pockets, and mark into your pattern where they will be done. This may save you a lot of headache later.
  • searching through blogs gave me a renewed appreciation for good blog organization. If you choose to write up your own experience with the Weekender (or with any other project, for that matter), please be sure to tag & label your posts, make sure your archives are visible, and consider adding a search function to your blog.
My own minor modifications have all been noted before, but here they are again:
  • lengthened the bag by 1"
  • made the straps in the main color
  • widened the straps by 1"
  • lengthened the straps by 4" (these two changes made it possible to sling the bag over one shoulder, which I really, really like)
  • added magnetic closures to the outer main pockets
  • changed the bottom exterior panel to pleather
  • added feet to the bottom exterior panel; added a laptop pocket to the interior lining
  • added a zippered pocket to the interior lining

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  1. I'd like to check your bag out in person - I love the modifications you made!


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