Thursday, March 15, 2012

amy butler weekender, part 3

Evening Two:
  • attached zipper and end pockets to the top panel. I don't have photos of this, but I remember it was much easier than the previous evening. There are no extra layers or cording in the top panel, so it's just a matter of sewing a zipper between two pieces of fabric, and stitching the pockets on.
  • attached bottom panel to this top panel. I used a piece of vinyl pleather I had for the bottom. 
  • attached the top/bottom panel piece to the main panels. You do need a zipper foot, but I had one for my trusty old Singer 301 and it worked fine. There may be a few places where the cording doesn't get tucked in tight enough and need to be resewn. It would probably help if one pinned a little better than shown.
If you plan to add feet, do so now. The shell of the bag is now complete, and all that is left is sewing and attaching the lining.

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