Sunday, March 14, 2010

spring forward

Today was the first day of Daylight Savings Time, where clocks are set an hour ahead: spring forward.

After a long, rainy winter, it truly does feel like spring. Flowers are just about to open on the redbud:

And the pear:

And the new young peach:

Some are starting to blossom already:

The volunteer almonds at the fence are in full bloom:

And we have the beginnings of strawberries:

But these are selected views. Most of the yard is covered in weeds, weeds that are thick and knee high and everywhere.

But even in weeds are signs of spring:

Here's to longer, brighter, more colorful days.


  1. Here here! So amazing, our trees are so far ahead of yours. One peach totally done. The other (our CB) full bloom, area almonds and cherries done.

    Beauteous post!

  2. Maybe because yours are better established? Our old almonds are also done. Bet our weeds are taller, though! ;)

  3. *Deep breath* I can almost smell spring from those luscious pictures. We still have snow, but slowly we are emerging from our deep freeze. You're space seems magical to me.

  4. Thanks, Sam! Your snow is also magical to we snowless residents. :)


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