Tuesday, March 16, 2010

bees in the almonds

While tying up berry canes this afternoon, we noticed bees in the young almond trees.

So much can't be shown in photos: how there were not single bees on single flowers but many bees all over the place; how they moved constantly in little arcs up and down the branches; how there was a low, steady hum everywhere; how the petals blew off in the slightest breeze.

And how nice it was to see bees at all, given persistent concern about their continuing survival.


  1. Thanks for the virtual tours!

  2. Beautiful captures!

    You know, (not a shameless plug, I promise) if you are interested, I posted a series of videos about my father-in-law that you may find inspiring. He is a very well known photojournalist, and he speaks about the act of compassion in photography.

    Bee well.

    Haha, get it?

  3. I just watched the videos--thanks! Here's a link to make it easier for others to find:


    And it gave me the chance to poke around your blog again--love the joyful spirit that shines through your every post.

  4. Beautiful pix! I can almost hear the buzz. If you're done planting ... we have a yard. :o)

  5. Hey, we're lucky to have our local public TV playing "The Secret Life of Gardens".


    We end up watching it right when we sit down to supper. Sam has a hard time looking at the screen because watching bugs eat other bugs with microscopic cameras can ruin your appetite.

    Seeing your lovely garden photos reminded me of the series. Sam and I watched it years ago before the kids were around.

  6. What a great trailer--I wish we could see it here. Thanks, Chris!

  7. Thanks so much! I love photography, and am just drawn to blogs with beautiful captures! (and, of course, all the unschooly friends!)

    Thank you for your kind words!!

  8. beautiful shots! i love bees. :)

  9. Wow! amazing pictures! nice job!

  10. Ack, I feel a little embarrassed having such accomplished bloggers looking at my page. Thank you all--you're all very kind.

  11. I felt the same way when the bees came to see us this week.


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