Wednesday, October 31, 2012

other people's projects, part 2

Remember me mentioning a young mom who had questions about the firetruck costume? Well, Lora created her own version and has graciously allowed me to share her photos. I love what she's done and am including her notes here knowing they will be of use to someone at a future Halloween.

We used felt, cardboard box and cut outs.
Headlights are Starbucks frappucino lids wrapped in foil with electric tea lights.
Siren has buttons for flashing lights and fire engine sounds.  It's a Bruder truck attachment my husband found.  It's got a built in battery pack so we just wedged it into the top, worked like a charm and of course is the highlight of the costume.

Did you catch that? This firetruck has a flashing lights and fire engine sounds! And I love the ingenuity of using tea lights and coffee cup lids.

But wait—there's more:

Penelope (3.5) and Maceo (2)

Lora made both these costumes from scratch, continuing her mother's tradition of creating Halloween costumes every year for five children. How lucky are her kids?

I know my friend Jen is also making a firetruck this year and am looking forward to seeing her adaptation, as well. In this our first year without Jack O'Lanterns or scarecrows at the porch, it's truly a treat (bad pun—sorry) to see everyone else's projects and costumes.

Happy Halloween!

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