Sunday, September 9, 2012

ukulele family

Have you ever seen Uke Minutes? They're great, and they often have an easy diy sensibility:
My version was made with an old fence plank because we had a pile of them in the backyard. Screws we had, as well, and it was an easy trip to the hardware store to get a handful of tool hooks.
This is how the resident ukulele population has grown in the last several months. There's the Duke, and the Gaspar--both of them relics of my mom's collection. Between them sits the blue Dolphin, now quite chipped and battered from life with two teen boys. The bookulele and a Lanikai that was a birthday gift from DH round out the little party.

Nobody needs five ukes, but I like playing all of these—they each sound and feel a little different. The Gaspar is extremely lightweight and has a soft, sweet tone. The Duke is bright and punchy. The Lanikai is ornate, sturdy and solid. It's a concert size, which I'm still getting used to. And the poor old Dolphin has quickly become the resident beater uke, easy to pick up and walk around the house with, or take in the car if I know I'll have to pass the time somewhere. I love it the way you love a favorite teddy bear.

Do you suppose I could fit a sixth hook in there...?


  1. I love this! You can always make room for one more.

  2. Where your house is this? It looks amazingly uncluttered for living in a house with three males! And very sweet, all those hanging ukes. Mom would be so glad to see her instruments so loved.

  3. This is beautiful! It looks like artwork hanging on the walls. I love it.

  4. Thank you for all the supportive comments!

    Tori, this is in our bedroom, a little out of the way of most of the male energy. I only regret that I never got to play with Mom--would have been fun.

  5. Just found you on Twitter. Love your blog and this picture is beautiful. The repurposed would looks amazing with the ukes.

    1. Thank you, Alessandra--and nice to meet you. :)


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