Monday, February 27, 2012

a left-handed ukulele player

It hasn't surprised me that C can't keep his hands off the ukulele. He plays drums in his band, but has always been one of those kids who gravitates toward anything that makes sound. And let's face it, ukuleles are pretty irresistible.

But C is strongly left-handed. Unlike his brother and mom, both of whom write left but can usually manage other tasks conventionally, C is a true southpaw. Today we finally got him his own ukulele to restring left-handed. We chose the same model as the blukulele, the Makala Dolphin. It has a plastic body and costs only $40, but it's considered a decent instrument by those more qualified than me to judge such things. It's recommended that the stock strings be replaced right out of the box with Aquilas. To string left-handed, you string A-E-C-G (rather than G-C-E-A) from the dolphin's nose to tail.
I was in the process of laboriously drafting a left-handed chord chart when D came home and asked, "Can't you just find something online?" Haa-ahh...yes, of course you can, if you think to look. There's a nice one about halfway down the page here in downloadable .pdf format.

Now our left-handed ukulele player is set up and ready to play.

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  1. How did I not know that 3/4 of you are lefties?! Like the L-S fam, they have more lefties than righties, too! Teaching S to crochet recently, I practiced right-handed and asked her if she wanted to learn it lefty-style. Tricky.


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