Friday, December 10, 2010

a felted pouch

I can't seem to get off this subject, but I wanted to share a way to make a very quick pouch.

I have a little Flip video camera which I love, and which my son also loves. In getting passed back and forth between us, the drawstring pouch it came with somehow disappeared. So while we had all the wool out, I made a quick felted pouch.

The only measuring needed was at the beginning, to get the dimensions of the camera. It was 6" in circumference around widthwise:
And it was about 11" in circumference lengthwise. Divided in two (since there would be felting on both sides), I made a roughly rectangular pattern that was 3"X5.5" with an additional flap up top:
Felted, it looked like this:
When the felt was partially dry, I cut an opening and removed the plastic:
Then put the camera (wrapped in a ziploc for protection from lingering dampness) inside to shape the pouch while it dried:
A day later, I rummaged around and found some velcro and a leftover button. I may change the fastening (or the button) later, but for now, at least, we again have some protection for the Flip.
If you're interested in felting and other handwork, please take a look at Jennifer's beautiful Waldorfian blog, Syrendell. Love the slippers!

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