Monday, November 22, 2010

little stockings advent calendar

Remember these? They were the reason for my very first blog post, as I wanted a place to post the pattern.

Lovely and artistic Sam left a comment suggesting making 24 of them into an advent calendar. This year I decided to do just that.

Knitting during music lessons and at other spare moments, I eventually made some revisions to the pattern and turned it into a printable .pdf file.

The file can be found here.

The original goal of the pattern was to be able to knit up something quickly. But it's easy to get bored doing the same thing over and over so in the end, I traded a little speed for some variation: striping and stranding, duplicate stitching and basketweaving. With last year's trial versions thrown in, there was soon a good-sized pile.
And at Michael's, we found something to hang them that seemed made for an advent. Twenty-four to a pack!
Here's how they are hanging—I think you can barely make out the dates scribbled at the top of the clothespins:
And here's all 24 of them, waiting to be filled:
I'd love to hear about (or better yet, see) your advent calendars, homemade or otherwise. Please feel free to link to your photos or blog posts in the comments.


  1. Argh. Should think of something. Guess I have a week.

    Very cute "stocklings!"

  2. What I did when kids were little: a big tree, 24 ornaments with things to do each day on them. Once we'd done our activity, the ornament went up on the tree. It wouldn't fly now, but it was fast and simple (and could be changed at the last minute). :)

  3. Oh my gosh, these are even lovelier all together! That is an amazing advent calendar! I must get mine out, which is a cute little wooden one that I painted up. I'm getting excited about filling it with all sorts of treats. Here's my advent calendar from last year

  4. I remember your advent calendar--I love that it has little drawers that will hold all sorts of surprises! Hope you do an update on it this year, as well.

  5. It looks like you have 24 little babies in your home ;)

  6. These are gorgeous and adorable!!!


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