Sunday, July 18, 2010

0 to 17 in 60 seconds

How does it happen so quickly? One second you have a tiny baby in your arms, then suddenly he is wanting to borrow the car. And we are a slow-to-mature species—I can't imagine the agonies of a rabbit mom.

My older son turned 17 over the weekend. We barely saw him on his birthday—he had spent the night at a friend's, we had a wedding to go to, he was performing in a show at night. We texted back and forth, though, and I thought of him all day long. When everyone went to bed, I made him a little video about what it feels like to see him growing so quickly. I wanted to include a photo of him at age 17, so had to wait until he came back from his show this evening to take one. Now the video is truly a portrait of him going from 0 (plus one day) to 17 (plus one day).


  1. This made me cry. What a wonderful present.

    Pat yourself on the back, I know the job's not finished, nor will it ever be, but well done! You and D have turned out a great young man.

  2. What a beautiful movie! I wish the photos went by slower so I could savour them, but I suppose, sometimes they grow up so fast you can't hold on to them for too long.

    He is such a handsome young man with so many talents and passions. I would love to read a post about how parenting and your relationship with you kids has changed now that your kids are growing older.

    Thanks for sharing this, what a heartfelt gift you've made!

  3. This video really touched me. It made me cry! What a beautiful way to celebrate Carver's 17th birthday. Thanks for sharing it!


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